Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioner in Greenville – What Is an Air Return Duct?

An air return duct is an integral part of nearly all heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Generally, HVAC systems use a forced air process that blows either heat or air conditioning through ductwork into a home or business. An air return duct usually is located either in a hallway or in the ceiling, and its purpose is to extract air from a room and recycle it through the system to further condition it by cooling or heating.

Mini Split Air Conditioner Reviews in Greenville – Air Return Duct.

Most central air and heat systems have a condenser that is outdoors and a coil that is located indoors that allows one unit to both heat and cool a building. In the summer, the return duct removes warm air from inside and transports it to the outside through ductwork to be conditioned. 

Mini Split Air Conditioner in Greenville – A Sealed System.

Ductwork is a sealed system that usually is located in the attic for structures with slabs or under the floors on structures that are raised off the ground. The purpose of a ducts is to give air a passage through which it can flow to reach the outdoor components, undergo the conditioning process, and return to the building. Once back in the building, the air usually is distributed by a fan through registers into the rooms.

Lg Mini Split Air Conditioner in Greenville – HVAC Systems.

HVAC systems typically use a refrigerant to cool the air by carrying the heat outside to the condenser. The compressor in the outside unit compresses the refrigerant into a high-pressure gas. Once the gas travels through the coil outdoors, it loses heat and transforms into a liquid. It then enters the evaporator coil and expands into a low-temperature gas to absorb heat that enters into the system from the air return duct. This process repeats itself until the temperature that is set on the thermostat is reached.