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YMGI 4 Zone 21 SEER Ductless in Find great deals with us. Shop with confidence. YMGI 4 Zone 21 SEER Ductless Heat Pump AC Console Cassette Ducted. Price: $3,259.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

This System Heat and Cools (20F/5F)

ONE(1) Outdoor Unit (4 Zone 28000Btu)
FOUR(4) Indoor Units (09EW Standard Wall Mounts)
FOUR(4) Remote Controls

Factory Warranty: 5yr Compressor 1yr Parts
(YMGI Requires the Warranty to be Registered within 7 days of Installation)

*Optional Upgrades*:
Indoor Units can be Upgraded to Ceiling Cassette’s, Floor & Ceiling Mount, or Slim Ducted (Standard Wall Mounts (EW) are the default selection already included in the price)
Please note: All Indoor Units come with controllers

Maximum Allowed Combinations (of Indoor Units) Cannot Exceed= 48,000Btu


Single-Zone 18000 Btu|1.5 Ton|(600-800 Sq Feet) in If you’re looking for deals, Shop our special offers with discounts on our fantastic range of mini splits. C&H 18000 Btu 21 Seer Mini Split Heat Pump AC. Price: $1,529.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548.

This System Heats & Cools to 5°F
Included In The Package:
One (1) indoor unit (WIFI Enabled)
One (1) remote control
One (1) indoor unit wall mount bracket
One (1) outdoor unit

Factory Warranty: 7 Year Compressor / 5 Year Parts Warranty Card

Copper Lines & Wires are Not Included- Please see the Dropdown Boxes above to add them

Click Here for Brochures & Specifications

Click Here for AHRI Certificate

4-way Airflow operation (Swing)
Waterfall heating airflow
Extended airflow (9k & 12k sizes)
7 Fan Speeds-from Mute to Turbo
Gold Fin Condenser
Photocatalytic Filter
I-Feel Automatic Function
Low Ambient Cooling to 5°F
Optional Tether controller
Low voltage start-up
Intelligent Defrost
Intelligent Pre-heating
Comfortable Sleep Mode
Auto Clean
Dry Anti-mildew design
LED display
Automatic Operation
Memory Function
24-hour Timer
Control lock
Fan Delay function
Energy Saving function


Single-Zone 12000 Btu|1 Ton (400-600 Sq Feet) in We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Get Daikin 12000 Btu 19 SEER Ductless Mini Split AC Cool Only. Price: $1,089.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

New Daikin 19 Series Air Conditioner

*This Package Includes:

*(1) Indoor Unit with Remote

Indoor Unit Features: 
Powerful Operation
– Pushing the POWERFUL button on the remote control gives you a boost in cooling or heating power for a 20-minute period, even if the unit is already operating at high capacity.
– An intelligent feature that ensures optimum energy consumption while fulfilling basic human comfort needs. Once activated, set temperature will be adjusted automatically to an optimum energy consumption level.
Blue Fin Protection
– The hydrophilic coated fin ensures the condensate water moves easily to the drain pan — thus enhancing the cleanliness and lifespan of the cooling coil.
Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Purifying Filter
– This filter combines the air-purifying filter and titanium apatite photocatalytic deodorizing filter in a single highly effective unit.

*(1) Outdoor Unit 220V

Cools (50f)
-Get Low Ambient Cooling to 5f by Cutting Jumper 6 (J6) on the PCB-
Inverter Variable Speed Compressor
Precharged for up to 33ft
Anti Corrosion Treatment

*Daikin 12 Year Parts Warranty
Warranty Card

As you think about the functionality of your home’s indoor comfort system, the Daikin brand is ready to help youachieve control, energy efficiency and long-term peace of mind. Take that attention to quality one step farther by choosing a Daikin brand energy efficient ductless split system. We have designed and engineered all of our products to provide years of consistent indoor comfort – delivering you and your family premium Comfort for Life.

  • Energy Efficient – 19 SEER
  • 12 Year Parts Limited Warranty
  • Turbo mode cools the room fast

A better understanding of how people inhabit their living spaces has led to products designed to create indoor environments that help use energy resources more effectively. The Daikin brand 19 Series is designed to blend in discreetly with any home design and are ideal for single rooms.

Smart inverter technology

Integrated with an inverter variablespeed compressor, 19 Series ductless systems deliver the capacity required to maintain desired room conditions, typically reducing energy consumption (compared to traditional fixed-speed ducted systems).
This technology minimizes temperature fluctuations and provides continuous cooling comfort.


Chigo 12000 Btu 20 Seer in Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms. Chigo 12000 Btu 20 Seer 110V Ductless Heat Pump AC. Price: $809.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

*Included In The Package:

*One (1) Indoor Unit with Remote
*One (1) Outdoor Unit (Compressor by Panasonic)

Heats & Cools

*One (1) Install Kit with Wires


*One (1) Factory Warranty:
Our Exclusive Warranty Card- CLICK HERE
7 Year Compressor / 5 Year Parts
*(Terms & Conditions Apply)
19 & 20 SEER FULL Inverter Line:
Comes Pre-Charged with Eco-Friendly R410A.
Multi-fold evaporator increases heat exchange & enhances efficiency

AIR PURIFICATION (Washable Filters)
PG motor, Sleeping Mode
LED LCD display

Ultimate in energy savings
Hi-Efficiency Compressor (Panasonic & Hitachi)
Anti-corrosive treatment
LCD wireless remote control
Air purifying filter
24 hour on/off timer
Quiet sleep operation
Auto and 3 speeds fan control
Vertical auto-swing
Signal reception indicator


Hyper Heat Pump AC in Lowest price on best Mini Split units. Midea 36000 Btu 18 SEER Ductless Mini Split Hyper Heat Pump AC. Price: $2,049.99 ex. tax. Free shipping! Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

*This Midea Mini Split Package Includes:

*(1) Indoor Unit : (DLFSH)AH36XAK

DLFSH Features Include:
˜ECO Mode˜ The intelligent 8-hour night cycle program saves up to 60% of energy to make it more comfortable at night when sleeping.
˜Follow Me˜ Built-in temperature sensor in the Remote Controller will sense its surrounding temperature and adjust the room temperature more accurately to provide comfort.
˜9 Modes˜ Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto, Turbo, Eco, Sleep, Heating Setback(46f)
˜Fully Modulating Fan Speeds˜Louver Control˜ UP & Down (Fixed or Swing)
˜Follow Me˜ Uses remote control as the sensor.
˜Carbon Filter˜Gold Coated Coils˜

DLFSH – Wall Mount (18 SEER) *

*(1) Outdoor Unit: (DLCSR)AH36AAK
Outdoor Unit Specifications
DLCSR Features Include:
˜Heats & Cools (-13F/-13F)˜Basepan Heater (Built in
˜Gold Coated Coils˜7yr Compressor 5yr Parts Warranty˜
˜Refrigerant Leak Detection˜Auto Restart˜


110V Mini Split Heat Pump in Compare Prices. Services: Lowest Prices, Top Deals. Get AirCon 9000 Btu 19.3 SEER 110V Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner. Price: $699.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

*This Package Includes:

*1- Indoor Unit

*1- Outdoor Unit

Heats Down to -4F° and Cools down to 5F°

Hitachi Compressor (9K ModelGMCC Toshiba Compressor (12K Model)

*1- Remote Control

*1- 12′ Copper LineSet with 12′ Wire

Factory Warranty7Yr Compressor/5Yr Parts

Submittal Sheet

The ALL NEW Titanium Series by AirCon. AirCon has been in the industry for over 10 Years producing some of the most reliable Ductless Mini-Split Systems on the market. This Series is one of the most efficient models AirCon has produced to date, and now they offer lower ambient operation. Great for colder climates, server rooms, and any residential application.


Interface Kit in We have a variety of accessories for sale. Get Midea 24V Interface Kit for Traditional Wall Thermostats. Price: $199.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

New 24V Interface Kit that allows a Single Zone Ductless System to be controlled by any 3rd party Single Stage Conventional Thermostat.

This new 24V Interface Kit will feature the ability to keep the variable speed feature of the Inverter compressor on the Ductless Single Zone System achieved by the proprietary and patent applied logic of the 24V Interface Kit.

Not compatible with Multi-zone Outdoor units.
Standard Features:
• Available in 115V and 208/230V
• 4 Fan control speeds: o Auto, High, Med, Low
• Single zone applications only
• One 24V Interface Kit per system
• Keeps the Inverter Compressor operating as a variable speed system
• Rated for outdoor and indoor mounting
• Dry mode contact for active dehumidification control
• Remote ON/OFF dry contact
• Auxiliary Heat control through the thermostat
• Diagnostic code display LEDs


Light Commercial Grade Ducted in Shopping with Us. We’ve made it easy for you to find the right system that fits your lifestyle. Get C&H 36000 Btu 16.5 SEER Light Commercial Grade Ducted Heat Pump AC. Price: $2,099.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548.

*This Cooper Hunter Slim Ducted Mini Split Package Includes:

*(1) Light Commercial Grade Indoor Unit
Cooper Hunter Light Commercial 24000 Btu Ducted Mini Split
 Light Commercial Ducted Indoor Features:
˜Flexible Installation˜
Choose between horizontle and vertical.
˜Fresh Air Function˜
A fan can be provided by your installer, allowing fresh air.
˜Built in Condensate Pump˜
Pump can lift water up to 30”
˜Wired Control & IR Sensor˜
Wired Control has 7 Day Programable Settings. IR sensor for Wifi Controllers.
˜Lower Noise˜
New Design Reduces sound 4-6 dB 
˜Higher Pipe Limits˜
Pipes can now go from 33′-98′ high (depending on the model)
˜Multi Channel Air Distribution˜
Air Intake can be moved from the back to the bottom.
˜Gold Coated Coils˜
Reduces Mold, Viruses and Bacteria.

*One (1) Wired Programmable Thermostat

*(1) Light Commercial Outdoor Unit:
Cooper Hunter Light Commercial Outdoor Unit
Features Include
˜Heats & Cools (5F/5F)
˜Gold Coated Coils˜
˜ 7yr Compressor 5yr Parts Warranty˜
˜Refrigerant Leak Detection˜Auto Restart˜
(Toshiba GMCC Compressor)


Thermostat in Find cheap accessories and save money on Midea Standard Wall Thermostat with Timer Function. Price: $89.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

KSACN0101AAA: is a standard wall mount thermostat that allows a timer for on and off operation. This item can be used with the new Midea Models, DLFSH, DLFSC, DLFLC, DLFSD, DLFLD, DLFSF, DLFLF.

This Wired Thermostat will allow all the normal functions on a typical remote control.
»Time On
»Time Off
»Follow Me: (Uses Thermostat Sensor)
»Auxiliary Heater Function (Field Supplied)
»Mode Select : Auto, Heat, Cool, Fan, Dry
»Fan Speed: Auto, Low,Med, High
»ECO Mode
»Swing (Louver Control)
»Temperature Set


Smart Controller in We have a variety of split accessories for sale. Get Cielo Breez Smart Controller for Ductless Heat Pumps & ACs. Price: $109.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

Breez smart thermostat gives you the luxury of controlling your ductless heat pumps and air conditioners from anywhere. Breez automatically turns the air conditioner or heat pump OFF when you leave the premises and starts to cool/heat on your return as per your set schedule. Breez can reduce your ductless heating / cooling costs by up to 20%. Breez is fully compatible to various brands of ductless heating & cooling systems with remote controls. The associated “Cielo Home” app give you complete control of your heating or cooling through Breez. Cielo Breez comes with a stylish display which adds to your home décor.

The Breez smart controller controls your ductless heating / cooling via infrared, just like your remote control, and connects seamlessly through your home Wi-Fi router to the internet. Breez regulates the air conditioning using the user’s locations.

“Cielo Home” app figures out when you’re at home and when you’re out, adjust the settings to provide comfort when people are in the home and energy savings when no one is at home. You can schedule your ACs/ heat pumps, get notifications about excessive usage, set appliance action in relation to your locations and unlimited controls from anywhere.

  Platforms supported  iOS 8.0 or later

Android 5.0 or later

 Compatibility Breez works with major ductless brands of ACs & Heat Pumps. Please check your remote control compatibility before ordering.

Please visit:

  Sensors Temperature, Humidity and Luminosity sensors