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Chigo 21000 Btu 19 Seer in Shopping with Us. We’ve made it easy for you to find the right system that fits your lifestyle. Chigo 21000 Btu 19 Seer Ductless Heat Pump AC. Price: $1,199.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

*Included In The Package:

*One (1) Indoor Unit with Remote
*One (1) Outdoor Unit (Compressor by Panasonic)

Heats & Cools

*One (1) Install Kit with Wires


*One (1) Factory Warranty:
Our Exclusive Warranty Card- CLICK HERE
7 Year Compressor / 5 Year Parts
*(Terms & Conditions Apply)
19 & 20 SEER FULL Inverter Line:
Comes Pre-Charged with Eco-Friendly R410A.
Multi-fold evaporator increases heat exchange & enhances efficiency

AIR PURIFICATION (Washable Filters)
PG motor, Sleeping Mode
LED LCD display

Ultimate in energy savings
Hi-Efficiency Compressor (Panasonic & Hitachi)
Anti-corrosive treatment
LCD wireless remote control
Air purifying filter
24 hour on/off timer
Quiet sleep operation
Auto and 3 speeds fan control
Vertical auto-swing
Signal reception indicator



Wifi Thermostat in Find cheap mini split and save money on Ductless Wifi Thermostat Controller With 7 Day Schedule. Price: $199.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

Introducing the latest technology in air-conditioner/heat-pump control

The Pebble Wi-Fi controller bridges the gap between the rapidly developing smartphone industry and the residential heating and cooling industry. The Pebble Wi-Fi controller uses patented technology, which allows for a secure connection to your local wireless router through your smartphone.

Once securely connected to your wireless router you will be able to controller your air-con/heatpump through our smartphone app Pebble Air. All Android or iOS smartphones can download our free app from Google Play or the App Store.

Communication to your air-con/heat-pump is via three powerful infrared (iR) diodes each with a maximum emitting range of up to 50 feet. Designed for various mounting options, The Pebble Wi-Fi controller has front and also top iR emitters with an optional fourth plug in iR Pebble emitter which allows for an even more flexible and discreet solution.

The Pebble Wi-Fi controller has an in-built temperature sensor which allows for real time readings at your home or office. If you need to turn on your air-conditioner/heat-pump, change its mode, adjust the set temperature, fan speed or even set up or change a schedule, its right at your finger tips.

Cloud based, The Pebble Wi-Fi controller has the flexibility to keep your Pebble unit updated at all times. We have the ability to broadcast to our Pebble community adding cool stuff we currently have under development, new supplier air-conditioner/heat-pumps as they’re released and much much more.

Application areas
Residential homes, apartments, holiday homes, offices, school and commercial spaces.

Key features
• Multi branded air-con/heat-pump controller.
• Wireless infrared control of your air-con/heat-pump via our smartphone app Pebble Air.
• Highly secure user friendly connection through patented technology.
• Multi user application allows all connected users real-time control and readings
• Cloud based community broadcasting allowing new updates and software pushes
• Smart timer and 7 day weekly scheduler!!!!
• External 12v power supply (supplied)
• Optional 3.5mm iR transmitter sold as an accessory


C&H 12000 BTU Ductless Heat Pump in We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Get C&H 12000 BTU Ductless Heat Pump AC Cassette Ducted Console Options. Price: $929.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

*This Cooper Hunter Mini Split Package Includes:

*(1) Indoor Unit with Upgrade Options

 Sophia Wall Mount Features Include:
˜Follow Me˜ Built-in temperature sensor in the Remote Controller will sense its surrounding temperature and adjust the room temperature more accurately to provide comfort.
˜8 Modes˜ Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto, Turbo, Eco, Sleep
˜Fully Modulating Fan Speeds˜Louver Control˜ UP & Down (Fixed or Swing)
˜Carbon Filter˜Gold Coated Coils˜

*(1) Outdoor Unit: Heats & Cools (-13F)˜

Features Include:
˜Ultra Green Coated Coils˜
7yr Compressor 5yr Parts Warranty˜
˜Refrigerant Leak Detection˜Auto Restart˜
(Toshiba GMCC Compressor Inside)

Standard features

24hr timer mode
Auto-swing louver
Cooling function
Intelligent defrost function
LED display
Multi-speed fan
Self-diagnosis error protection
Super silent


Daikin 9000 Btu LV Series in Mini-split heat pumps are not only great solutions for whole home or new constructions. Get Daikin 9000 Btu LV Series Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump AC. Price: $949.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.


*(1) Outdoor Unit 220v

Features Include:
 & Cools (5°F/14°F)

∼Anti-Corrosion Treatment on Heat Exchanger∼
∼Quick Warming Function∼
Prevents the compressor from pumping liquid refrigerant in low-ambient conditions.
∼Automatic Defrosting∼
Sensor performs automatic defrosting of the outdoor heat exchanger 
∼Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation∼
Outdoor unit sound levels can be reduced by 3dB 
∼12yr Warranty

*Indoor Unit Not Included*

**You are able to ADD the indoor unit, different styles available**
(Click For More Info/Specs):
FTX – LV Series Wall Mount (24.5 SEER)

FTX Wall Mount LV Series
*3D AirFlow
*Intelligent Eye
*Weekly Timer

FDX LV Series Slim Ducted (15.1 SEER)

Smart inverter technology

Integrated with an inverter variablespeed compressor, ductless systems deliver the capacity required to maintain desired room conditions, reducing energy consumption by up to 30% or more (compared to traditional fixed-speed ducted systems).
This technology minimizes temperature fluctuations and provides continuous cooling and heating comfort.

Intelligent eye technology

The Daikin brand LV units are equipped with an intelligent eye feature that detects movement and automatically changes to an energy saving mode when movement is not detected for over 20 minutes.
Normal operation resumes once movement is detected, ensuring a comfortable experience and offering savings up to 20% in cooling and up to 30% in heating, compared to units without movement detection.

Easy to program

With the ability to program up to four settings per day, the weekly timer allows users to personalize on/off times and temperature settings.
Delivering heating and cooling when it is needed most, this feature provides customizable comfort with energy savings. 


Hyper Heat Pump 19 SEER in Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms. Midea 9000 Btu Slim Ducted Hyper Heat Pump AC 19 SEER. Price: $899.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

*This Package Includes:

*(1) Indoor Unit : MEHSU-09CHD2

Slim Ducted Features Include:
∼Flexible Air Intake
∼ 2 Way 
 Modes∼ Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto, Sleep
4 Fan Speeds∼+Follow Me∼ Uses control as the sensor
Green Coated Coils∼Wired Control∼
Specifications/ Brochure

*(1) Outdoor Unit: MCHSU-09PHH2

Premier Outdoor Features Include:
˜Heats & Cools (-22F/-22F)˜Basepan Heater (Built in
˜Gold Coated Coils˜7yr Compressor 5yr Parts Warranty˜
˜Refrigerant Leak Detection˜Auto Restart˜

System Specifications

This line is their direct competition for major brands like Mitsubishi & Daikin. Get the superior quality of the more expensive brands, while enjoying a more affordable product.

Copper Lines & Wires Not Included!
Please see the drop down boxes above to add copper lines & wires.
(Maximum Allowed Copper Line Length = 82 Feet)
*Pre-wiring Option (if selected) will include with a 15′ or 25′ wire
already installed/connected to the Indoor Unit*


12′ Line Cover in To make sure you get the best deals, Buy now! Get 12′ Line Cover Expandable & Heavy Duty by CoverGuard. Price: $129.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

Kit includes:
air conditioning channel animated-350x (3) 4′ Ducts
Couplers (2) Couplers
Inlet (1) Wall Inlet
End Cap (1) End Cap
90° Elbow (1) 90° Elbow
Cam Screws (13) Cam Screws
Clips (6) Clips

Cover Guard Line Set Cover Features

air conditioning channel animated-350x Listed below are standard features for Cover Guards unique line set cover system. With the base width of 4.25″ and the cover measuring 5.25″ wide, the duct eliminates the need to manage multiple size ducts, fittings and excessive inventory. Cover Guards single size expands in depth to save you time and money. The multiple zone solution. Cover Guard is heavy duty, its the strongest line set cover on the market.
  • The Cover Guards 4-stage adjustability is perfect to accommodate multiple zone line sets and allow the duct to expand from 2 to 4 inches deep.
  • Stay-Clean peel-n-go film allows for a no-fuss clean-up following an install. See example here
  • Free-sliding zip-tie clips are pre-installed, relocating quickly and easily to position the zip tie where its needed most.
  • Components are paintable (see instructions for painting directions).
  • Components are UV stabilized and tested to temperatures from -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F.
  • Cover Guard components do not release under pressure. In fact, the greater the pressure exerted against the inside walls, the tougher the structure becomes, because the pressure causes the pieces to lock more tightly.
  • Fittings can be opened and closed as needed, so the system can be adjusted as necessary at any time.
  • Cam screws are constructed of hardened gun stock plastic. They will never rust. Quarter turn of the screw locks it in place for quick installation.



(1 Room) 12000 Btu 1 Ton (400-600 Sq Feet) in Buy now! Special Discounts. Best Offers. Get C&H 12000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Hyper Heat Pump AC Cassette Ducted. Price: $909.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

This System Heats & Cools Down to -13°F
*Energy Star Certification*
Factory Warranty: 5 Years on Parts & 7 Years on Compressor
One (1) Indoor Unit with Gold Fin Coils
One (1) Remote Controller
One (1) Indoor Unit Wall Mount Bracket
One (1) Outdoor Unit with Green Fin Coils
(Toshiba GMCC Compressor Inside)


Daikin 24000 BTU in To make sure you get the best deals, shop our selection of Daikin 3 Zone 24K Mini Split Heat Pump AC Ceiling Cassette Ducted. Price: $3,246.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

This System Heats & Cools

One (1) Outdoor Unit (3
 Zone 24000 BTU)
Three (3) Indoor Units(
CTXS07- Standard Wall Mounts)
Three (3) Remote Controls
Factory Warranty: 12 Yrs

Copper Lines/Wires are NOT INCLUDED (Please see dropdown boxes)
MAX ALLOWED Copper(Total Combined) =230′

*Optional Upgrades*:
*Compressor Can Be Upgraded to the AURORA Model (-13F)
*Indoor Units Can Be Upgraded to EMURA Wall MountsCeiling Cassette’sSlim Ducted, & Floor Standing
(please note: I
f you upgrade to ceiling cassette’s, they do not come with remote controls, you can add remote controls via the dropdown box)


Daikin 18000 BTU in Lowest price on best Daikin 2 Zone 18K Mini Split Heat Pump AC Ceiling Cassette Ducted. Price: $2,599.97 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

This System Heats & Cools

One (1) Outdoor Unit (
2 Zone 18000 BTU)
Two (2) Indoor Units(
CTXS07- Standard Wall Mounts)
Two (2) Remote Controls
Factory Warranty: 12 Yrs
 Parts & Compressor

Copper Lines/Wires are NOT INCLUDED (Please see dropdown boxes)
MAX ALLOWED Copper(Total Combined) =164′


Daikin 12000 BTU in Looking for a Daikin 12000 BTU 19 SEER Mini Split 19 Series Air Conditioner. Price: $1,129.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

This System Cools ONLY!

One (1) Indoor Unit
One (1) Outdoor Unit
One (1) Remote Control
Installation Kit Not Included*
*see dropdown box above to add an installation kit
(click here for specifications)

10 Year Warranty!