Electric Heating Cooling Systems in St. Louis – How Can I Eliminate Dust from My Home?

It often seems that we've no sooner finished cleaning dust from our homes when it starts to settle once again. No one wants a house full of dust. In addition to being unsightly, it also contributes to uncomfortable situations such as asthma and allergies.

Radiant Heating Cooling Systems in St. Louis – What are the Best Ways to Remove it from your Home?

If you'd like your house as dust free as possible, simple surface cleaning isn't going to do the trick. Dust doesn't only rest on visible surfaces. It embeds itself in fibers and and builds up into bunnies under the bed. Your job is to identify all the places it hides in your home and deal with them accordingly.

Heating Cooling Systems in St. Louis – Air Filter or Purifier.

An air filter or purifier will help to remove airborne dust particles from the air. There are models in all sizes and price ranges so you should have no problem finding one that best suits your situation.

Geothermal Heating Cooling Systems in St. Louis – Cleaning Surfaces.

When cleaning surfaces such as table tops and shelves, try wearing gloves instead of using a cloth or rag. This will keep fingerprints off the surface and enable you to get into crevices a little easier. If you spray furniture polish on gloves or a cloth, it will enable you to clean more easily. A dryer sheet makes a wonderful dust cloth, using one will not only pick up dust, it will eliminate static making it harder for particles to adhere to the surface.