Types of Air Conditioning Systems Ppt in Memphis – What Are the Different Types of Home Air Filtration?

Home air filtration systems help eliminate pollutants in a home's air. One of the most basic ways to get rid of unwanted materials in the air is to ventilate the house with fresh, outdoor air. When inclement weather or excessive outside contaminants interfere with this method, a home air filtration system can help. Fortunately for those wanting clean air inside the house, there are several products available including: an air purifier, whole house air filters, and a portable air filtration system.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems in Buildings in Memphis – Home Air Filtration.

An air purifier is best known for its ability to reduce secondhand smoke, dust, pollen, animal dander, and mold spores. A purifier can help relieve those suffering from allergies and asthma. One of the most popular types is the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purifier which is known for filtering even the tiniest particles. Another type is an ion purifier which attracts debris and gathers it onto a surface where one can sweep or vacuum it up. An air purifier can be the perfect size for a small room, or it can be larger and be able to be hooked up to an HVAC unit.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems in Memphis – A Whole-house Air Filter.

A whole-house air filter is typically built into a home's structure. This type of home air filtration system is able to filter particles in every room, and is often hidden away within the attic, closet, or basement. There are standard models for those who simply want cleaner air, while some types have built-in humidifiers. The upside of the whole house air filter is that it can simultaneously clean air in all rooms, but many experts claim that it is not as effective as smaller units.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems in Homes in Memphis – Portable Home Air Filtration System.

Some homeowners prefer to have very clean air in a particular room, which is where the portable home air filtration system comes in handy. Though it can only filter air in one room at a time, it is known for being more effective than a larger unit. This product could be helpful for families with one or two members who suffer from allergies or asthma, as the filter could be placed in their rooms.