This System Heats & Cools in Find out more about our Chigo 18000 Btu 16 Seer Mini Split Heat Pump AC and how they’ll fit in your home or business. Price: $899.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

This System Heats & Cools (-4F/5F)
Included In The Package:
One (1) Indoor unit
One (1) Remote Control
One (1) Outdoor Unit (Compressor by Hitachi)
One (1) Copper Kit (2 Copper Lines 25′ ea) 45′ Max Allowed
One (1) 25′ Communication Cable (Already Pre-Wired to Indoor Unit!)

Factory Warranty: Our Exclusive Warranty Card- CLICK HERE
7 Year Compressor / 5 Year Parts (exclusive for our customers)

☆★ FREE! Pre-Wire Option ★☆
System will include a 25′ wire already connected to the indoor unit.