Multi 2 Zone 18K in Compare Prices. Lowest Prices. Get a YMGI Multi 2 Zone 18K Mini Split Heat Pump AC Ductless Cassette Ducted. Price: $2,014.97 ex. tax. Free shipping! Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

This System Heat and Cools (20F/5F)

ONE(1) Outdoor Unit (2 Zone 18000Btu)
TWO(2) Indoor Units (09EW Standard Wall Mounts)
TWO(2) Remote Controls

Factory Warranty: 5yr Compressor 1yr Parts
(YMGI Requires the Warranty to be Registered within 7 days of Installation)

*Optional Upgrades*:
Indoor Units can be Upgraded to Ceiling Cassette’s, Floor & Ceiling Mount, or Slim Ducted (Standard Wall Mounts (EW) are the default selection already included in the price)
Please note: All Indoor Units come with controllers