YMGI 36000 Btu 18 Seer in Minisplitwarehouse.com Lowest price on best Mini Split units. Free shipping! YMGI 36000 Btu 18 Seer Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner. Price: $2,099.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

*This Package Includes:

*(1) Indoor Unit with Remote

*(1) Outdoor Unit

(Hitachi Compressor)
Heats & Cools (-4F/5F)

*(1) Install Kit (25′)

*(1) Factory Warranty

*(Terms Apply, Must Be registered within 7 Days of Installation)

Comfort & Convenience

Auto Mode
By continuously sensing and comparing the set temperature to the room temperature, this feature switches between heating and cooling modes automatically delivering the exact amount of warm or cool air needed to ensure maximum comfort.

Fast Turbo Heating and Cooling
This function boosts cooling or heating capacities at high compressor speed and fan speed. Rooms reach set temperatures as rapidly as possible.

Air Swing
Motorized louvers that pivot vertically or horizontally, direct air throughout a room, maintaining an even temperature, and eliminating hot or cold spots. The louver motor can also be turned off, so that you can direct air flow to a specific spot. And it can all be adjusted using the remote control.

Hot Start-Up
When heating operation is selected, or when the system transitions from cooling to heating, the indoor fan motor doesn’t immediately start. This prevents cold air from being blown into an already cold room. When the indoor unit coil and pipes are heated, the fan engages and circulates warm air.

Sleep Mode
With the Sleep Mode on, the system will adjust the room target temperature to slowly rise when cooling or fall when heating. Saving energy, and allowing you to sleep comfortably while preventing sudden changes in the room’s temperature.

24-Hour On/Off Timer
Set your indoor unit to heat or cool any time of day.

Memory and Auto Restart
If your unit should lose power, YMGI systems remember the operation mode, airflow, and temperature settings and continue normal operation once power is restored.

Error codes are shown either on the LCD display of the indoor unit, or LED lights on the outdoor control boards. Should your system have a problem, it can be diagnosed easily and accurately by an HVAC professional, helping to quickly resolve the issue.

Digital Display On/Off
Our easy to read LCD display can be turned on or off with the remote control. This feature allows a room to remain dark at night, or you can turn the digital display on and use the display as a night-light.