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NEW Daikin RMXS Multi Zone Line

*This Package Includes:

*(1) Outdoor Unit
RMXS48LVJU: 48000 Btu
(Allows up to 62,400 Btu)
(up to 18.8 SEER)
Features Include:
 & Cools (5F/23F)

∼12yr Warranty
-Max Allowed Total Copper Lines 633′-
Cut Sheet Brochure 

*(8) Indoor Units
(CTXS)07LVJU: 7000 Btu Wall Mounts
(Upgrades are Available)
(includes remotes

*Make sure not to exceed the allowed indoor combinations when upgrading*
-Please contact us before or after ordering, we have software that can validate combinations-

Allowed Indoor Combinations

*Branch Box (BPMK)/REFNET Joint (KHRP) are required other sellers do not include this*

*(2) KHRP26A22T9: REFNET Joints

*(2) BPMKS049A3U: 3 Port Branch Boxes 

*(1) BPMKS048A2U: 2 Port Branch Box 

*3/4 & 3/8 Copper Line is required from compressor to first KHRP(brazed) other sellers do not include*
*(25′) Copper Line (3/8” & 3/4”) 

*3/8 & 5/8 Copper Line is needed from 1st KHRP to 2nd KHRP & to both BPMKS049A3U*
*(3x 25′) Copper Line (3/8” & 5/8”)
*1/4 & 1/2 Copper Line is needed from 2nd KHRP to BPMKS048A2U*
*(25′) Copper Line (1/4” & 1/2”)

**Copper Lines for indoor units to BPMK are NOT INCLUDED**
(Please see dropdown boxes to add)
MAX ALLOWED Copper =633′

-Each BPMK requires 2-wire communication & 3-wire power (Not Included/Offered)-
-Wires we do offer as an option are 4-wire from the BPMK to the indoor unit-

*With This Package 
“CUSTOMIZE” the default indoor units
with different series and types of indoor units like: