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System Heats & Cools

*One (1) Outdoor Unit MCHSU-48CSH2
with Ultra-Green Coated Coils

(Toshiba GMCC Compressor Inside)
**Outdoor Unit is DRY! (NO REFRIGERANT)**
A comparable system pre-charged with refrigerant
can be found below in the related products.

*One (1) Indoor Unit MEHSU-48CSC2
(Built In Condensate Pump)

CSC – Ceiling Cassette (16.8 SEER)

Factory Warranty:

5 Years 
on Parts & 7 Years on Compressor

Moisture Removal

Copper Lines & Wires Not Included!
Please see the drop down boxes above to add copper lines & wires.
(Maximum Allowed Copper Line Length = 213 Feet)

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Standard Features

Golden Fin Indoor Coils

Effectively increases the durability and improves heat transfer efficiency. The unique anti-corrosive golden coating on the indoor coils can withstand the growth of mold, mildew or any other harmful bacteria.

Green Fin Outdoor Coils

An anti-corrosive coating on the condenser stands up to harsh weather, salty air and the elements, preventing build up of corrosive mold and bacteria while improving heat transfer efficiency.

Refrigerant Leakage Detect

Indoor unit will show error code “EC” and stop automatically when refrigerant leakage is detected. This function can better protect compressor being damaged by high temperature due to refrigerant leakage.

Self-diagnosis and Auto-protection

Once abnormal operation or parts failure happen, the unit will shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.

Low Ambient Cooling

With built-in low ambient kit or special designed PCB, outdoor fan speed can be changed automatically according to condensation temperature. The air conditioner can run cooling operation even when the outdoor ambient temperature down to -22°F.

Chassis Heating Belt

Heating belt is fitted on the base plate of outdoor unit to prevent defrosting water accumulated, which improves heat transfer efficiency.

Compressor Heating Belt

Heating belt is fitted on the compressor of the outdoor unit to prevent frosting water accumulation, which improves heat transfer efficiency.

Follow Me

Temperature sensor built in the remote controller will sense its surrounding temperature. So the unit can adjust room temperature more accurately to give you comfort. (Ducted systems come standard with a 120G1 wired controller)

Turbo Mode

This function gives you a boost in cooling and heating power for a period, and makes the room cool down or heat up rapidly.

Sleep Mode

The function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase cooling or decrease heating 1℃ per hour for the first 2 hours, then holds steady for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off. This function maintains both energy saving and comfort at night.

2-way Draining

Both left and right sides of indoor unit are possible for drainage hose connection, easy for installation.

Auto Restart Function

If the air conditioner breaks off unexpectedly due to the power cut, it will restart with the previous setting mode automatically when the power resume.

Louver Position Memory Function

Horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time when the unit turned on.

Single & Multi Compatible

Compatible indoor unit for both mono and multi inverter system. It comes in handy for warehouse management.


Set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24h period.

Manual ON/OFF

You can easily turn on/off your AC by pressing the manual switch button without using a remote controller or any special tools.

Optional Features

Digital Display

To check the operational status of your unit, press any button on the remote control to display the current status. (Wall Mounts Only)

Wired Controller (120G2)

Compared with infrared remote controller, wired controller can be fixed on the wall and avoid mislaying. Its mainly used for commercial applications and makes controlling the air conditioner more convenient.

7-Day Programmable Wired Controller (120G1)

(Standard for Ducted systems) Compared to the 120G2, this thermostat features the ability to schedule the system to turn on/off or change the temperature at certain times each day of the week.

Interface Kit

The Interface Kit is used with wired controller 120G1 to connect to Premier high wall units.

WiFi Controller

Available on all Premier wall mounted units, with the simple installation of this accessory kit, you can easily control each indoor unit that it is paired, from the Midea Smart Control app on your smart phone.

Electronic Panel (Wireless Eye)

The Electronic Panel is used with the Duct type unit to use the wireless remote controller rather than the wired controller. Available for all 9k – 48k systems.

Front Board

The Front Board is used with the Duct Type units to allow easy ducting off the unit. Available for all 9k – 48k systems.

360° Air Flow Panel

360° air outlet creates a soft and gentle air flow which circulates throughout the whole space and provides an even temperature distribution in the room. (Ceiling Cassette Models Only)

Fresh Air

Air outside can be lead into the room via a connection pipe, which keeps the indoor air fresh and healthy. (Ducted, Ceiling Cassette, & Floor/Ceiling Models Only)