Accessories in Choose from more than 200 products that suits your needs exactly! Get 3” PVC Line Cover for Mini Split Systems. Price: $69.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.

Finish up your ductless mini split unit installation for a professionally installed look. Protects the line set, wiring and drainage lines from weather and other elements. Can be added on to new or existing installations. Suitable for 9000-24000 BTU systems.


  • Covers and hides unsightly refrigeration pipes on your external walls.
  • Ultra durable PVC plastic material with neutral light Ivory color.
  • Can be added to any previous and existing installation with ease.
  • Most suitable for single zoned systems with 9000-24000btu, and some Multi Zone

Parts included:

  • Three straight lengths of 31.5” each.
  • Two different types of 90 degree elbows (Standard Elbow and Outside Corner).
  • One wall cap (Entry Point)
  • One reducer (Exit Point)
  • One Coupling
  • One 20” flexible length/twist (condenser connection)
  • One 24” flexible length.
  • Total coverage up to 13 feet.