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Compatible with DLFEH Wall Mount (9K & 12K)

Compatible with DLFSH Wall Mount (All Sizes)

Compatible with DLFPH Wall Mount (9K & 12K)

Compatible with (DLFSC/DLFLC) Cassette’s,
(DLFSD/DLFLD) Ducted, (DLFSF) Console’s (18K & 24K), (DLFLA) Console’s


Owners Manual

Midea Air SmartPhone App


As we lead the way in ductless heating and cooling, we ensure that all of our solutions are Wi-Fi® compatible. Because when you’re left worried, or wondering, about conditions at home, you’re not completely comfortable. And your comfort is our main concern.

Wall thermostats weren’t made for people who leave their house. Or have pets at home alone. Or live in places where a 30° F morning can turn into a 75° F afternoon. Wi-Fi® connectivity lets you adjust any or all of your units — and check system health — anytime from anywhere. Whether you’re across the world, or across the hall.
TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTIONLet’s say you’re out for the evening, but your teenagers are home. With the convenience of a mobile app, you can turn off units in any room in the house, and adjust units in the areas they spend the most time in. Wi-Fi® -enabled controls also allow you to make remote adjustments and regulate the units output to counter changing weather patterns when you’re away. Return to a comfy home, and keep utility bills in check.
OUR MIDEA AIR MOBILE APP IS SIMPLY BRILLIANTIt’s not only feature-rich, but also incredibly intuitive. Meaning, it doesn’t require an engineering degree to set up or navigate. Everything you need to enjoy complete comfort and energy conservation is at your fingertips. Set daily schedules for unit operation, temperature settings and fan speed. Remotely change air direction to address hot spots. Manage one of the most essential systems in your home without actually being home.A SIMPLE SETUP MIDEA AIR WORKS WITH STANDARD WI-FI® ROUTERS CONNECTIVITY: ONE MORE WAY MIDEA LEADS IN DUCTLESS COMFORTWe believe Wi-Fi® expands your experience with your system. Our engineers don’t treat it as an afterthought: quite the opposite in fact, taking great care to design user-friendly network connectivity and functionality. We continue to push design forward to give you the utmost control, convenience and comfort.