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NEAT APPEARANCE: Our basic 3” line cover keeps your pipes and cords organized while providing protection that extends the lifespan of your AC unit by reducing maintenance.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION: Doesn’t matter which brand system you use, this 3-inch wide tubing is adaptable for most ductless mini split and central air conditioning units up to 36,000 BTUs.

LONG-LASTING: Weather-resistant and safe for temps of -40℉ to 140℉, this PVC line-cover set will protect your AC lines for years to come without fading, cracking, or deforming.

EASY INSTALLATION: After screwing the bottom of the cover to the wall, the top cover can be quickly snapped on. All parts can be trimmed according to the specific length of your lines or cables.

CUSTOMIZABLE: This line cover set can be painted to match the exterior wall color to provide a seamless appearance on your building exterior. No more ugly cables hanging around or line covers that stick out like a sore thumb.

Size: 3’’ W × 14’ L

3-Step Installation
1. Attach the bottom cover to the wall using the included screws and mounting anchors
2. Place your AC lines over the bottom cover and attack lines to cover with cable ties
3. Snap on the top cover piece to completely cover and protect the AC lines

Basic Package Includes:
4 x Straight Duct (39.4”)
1 x Flexible Duct (19.7”) (used to connect straight ducts, or as 45/90 degree bends, or as outside/inside corners, or to the outdoor unit)
3 x Coupling (connects Straight Pcs)
1 x 90° Elbow (outside Corner)
1 x 90° Flat Elbow
1 x Wall Entry Cap
1 x End Cap

*Optional Add On: 22.5” Flexible Duct with Twist (strickly to condenser)

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