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4.5” Fortress LDK 12′ Lineset Wall Duct Kit

Data Sheets: (SDS, PDS, etc…)

Kit includes 12′ of duct and fittings for a standard installation.

LDK Kit includes:
LD – Ducting 4 Long ( 3 )
LJ – Couplers ( 2 )
LW – Wall Inlet ( 1 )
LEN – End Fitting ( 1 )
LK – 90º Flat Ell ( 1 )

  • Assures complete flexibility of installation
  • Professional grade ducting, protects and hides unsightly mini-split linesets in a snap
  • Fortress is perfect for mini-splits, high velocity and conventional split air conditioning systems.
  • Fortress protects lineset, wiring and drain hose from weather, vandalism, pet and pest damage.
  • Fortress installs quickly, and can be easily accessed for repairs or replacement of the lineset.

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