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Newest Cielo Breez Plus BP101WA is a plug and play universal smart air conditioner controller/thermostat. It connects through WiFi allowing you to use your smartphone, Alexa or Google Home to control your AC / Heat Pump system. It is simple to install. It does not need extra wiring, just plug in the Micro USB power cord and hang it on a wall or set it on a table. As long as the BP101WA is with in line of sight of the air handler it can communicate with IR signals. 


  • Energy Savings
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Air Filter Status
  • Usage Statistics
  • Geo Fencing

Weekly Schedule will allow you to set on and off periods throughout the 7 day week based on your needs

Air Filter Status will keep track of filter health and tell you when it needs replaced so you can continue breathing clean air

Usage Statistics provide information on energy output and times of use so you can determine the best usage of your system

Geo Fencing finds your location by using your smartphones location services. It can use your location to trigger actions in your system. For instance if you leave the house it can turn the system down or off, or if you have entered a 20 mile radius it can turn the system on for you before you get home.

Buttons on the face are used for local control and include ON/OFF, up and down temperature arrows, and Menu (bars on the left)

The Menu button can be used to change the mode (tap once), fan speed (tap twice), and swing position ( tap thrice).

The BP101WA can also be hard wired as opposed to using a plug

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