Multi-Zone 2×18000 Btu Rooms in Find the best Multi Zone Mini Split deals that fit your budget. Get PA 2×18000 Btu 21.5 SEER Ductless Mini Split Hyper Heat Pump AC. Price: $3,805.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.


*The following items are included in this package:

*(2) 18K Indoor Wall Mounts 
with remotes

Wall Mount Specifications  
Wall Mount Features Include:
˜Follow Me˜
Built-in temperature sensor in the Remote Controller 
˜8 Modes˜
Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto, Turbo, Eco, Sleep
˜Fully Modulating Fan Speeds˜
Louver Control˜
UP & Down (Fixed or Swing)
˜Carbon Filter˜Gold Coated Coils˜

*(1) Outdoor Unit: Heats & Cools (-22F)˜

Compressor Specifications
Features Include: 
˜Gold Coated Coils˜
˜Refrigerant Leak Detection˜Auto Restart˜
(Toshiba GMCC Compressor Inside)

*7yr Compressor/ 7yr Parts Warranty˜ 

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Perfect Aire Ceiling Cassette


*Wireless Remote & Grill Included
Perfect Aire Floor or Ceiling


*Wireless Remote Included
Perfect Aire Slim Ducted


*Wired Thermostat Included

Heating Performance Data

AHRI Non-Ducted Indoor Units  
AHRI Mixed Indoor Units  
AHRI Ducted Indoor Units 

Perfect Aire multi-zone ductless mini-split systems provide efficient year-round heating and cooling, all while using much less space and producing less noise than typical furnace and air conditioner systems. The built-in inverter technology reduces energy usage by operating at lower power levels as needed instead of running at full power in short bursts, as older systems do. Besides helping consume less energy, this also means that Perfect Aire mini-split systems keep a steadier temperature than traditional heating and cooling.

Perfect Aire condensers are built to last, with corrosion-resistant coatings made to withstand years of exposure to the elements, and also feature auto-restart, self diagnostics and refrigerant leak detection. All of this while also delivering efficiencies of up to 22.5 SEER, based on condenser and indoor air handler models used.

The indoor air handlers are designed to blend in with your home or office’s decor with minimal space requirements. Air handlers can be installed as ceiling, floor, wall, or concealed duct units, and include wireless remote controls allowing each zone to be customized as needed to the temperature you desire, or turned off completely to further save on energy costs. The system’s Turbo operation allows it to quickly reach a desired temperature by running at maximum output.


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