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Description: Simplified Remote Controller
Maximum Connections: 16 indoor units
Communication Wire: 18AWG-2, No polarity Stranded, Non-shielded
Total Wiring Length: 1,640 ft. (500 m)
Communication Protocol : Daikin proprietary P1P2 protocol

Power 16VDC supplied by indoor unit (1.58VA maximum)

Comfort Setpoint Range 60 to 90°F (16 to 32 °C)

Setback Setpoint Range 40 to 95°F (5 to 35°C )

Operating Temp Range 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C )

Operating Humidity Range 75% or less (RH) (w/o condensation)

Dimensions (WxHxD) 4.72×4.72×0.75 inch (120x120x19 mm)

Weight (Mass) 0.42 lbs. 

  • Up to 16 indoor units can be controlled within one group
  • Within one group, up to 2 Simplified Remote Controllers can be used, one as a main and one as a sub
  • Can be using conjunction with the KRCS01-1B/4B Remote Temperature Sensors (temperature is not displayed on the controller)
  • Display of setpoint in 1°F increments
  • Real-time monitoring of system malfunctions with immediate display of unit in error and error code

Compatible with VRV and VRV LifeTM indoor unit models: FXAQ, FXDQ, FXEQ, FXFQ, FXHQ, FXLQ, FXMQ, FXMQ_MF, FXNQ, FXSQ, FXTQ, FXUQ, FXZQ, CXTQ, VAM
Compatible with SkyAir indoor unit models: FAQ, FBQ, FCQ, FHQ, FTQ

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