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The Gree XE71 controller is an optional wall mounted controller for single zone and multi zone use.


  • Tactile feedback keypad
  • Easy setup and programming
  • Sleek, thin design blends into any décor
  • Reaches up to 26′ with included cable
  • Convenient LCD display backlighting
  • Fahrenheit °F / Celsius °C
  • No batteries required
  • 115v or 230v single zone compatible
  • 230v multi zone compatible

Compatible Indoor Units:

Wall Mounted

  • Comfort Series Livo+: LIVS09HP230V1BH, LIVS12HP230V1BH, LIVS18HP230V1BH, LIVS24HP230V1BH, LIVS09HP115V1BH, LIVS12HP115V1BH
  • Comfort Series Livo Gen3: LIVV09HP230V1AH, LIVV12HP230V1AH, LIVV18HP230V1AH, LIVV24HP230V1AH
  • Connoisseur Series Vireo+: VIR09HP230V1BH, VIR12HP230V1BH, VIR18HP230V1BH, VIR24HP230V1BH, VIR30HP230V1BH, VIR36HP230V1CH, VIR09HP115V1BH, VIR12HP115V1BH
  • Vireo+ Ultra: VIRU30HP230V1AH, VIRU36HP230V1AH
  • Tech Series Sapphire: SAP09HP230V1AH, SAP12HP230V1AH, SAP18HP230V1AH, SAP24HP230V1AH


  • Slim Duct: DUCT09HP230V1AD, DUCT12HP230V1AD, DUCT18HP230V1AD, DUCT24HP230V1AD
  • High Static: DUCT09HP230V1BD, DUCT12HP230V1BD, DUCT18HP230V1BD, DUCT24HP230V1BD

Ceiling Cassette

  • CAS12HP230V1AC, CAS18HP230V1AC, CAS24HP230V1AC

Universal Floor/Ceiling Suspended

  • FLR09HP230V1AF, FLR12HP230V1AF, FLR18HP230V1AF, FLR24HP230V1AF

Floor Mounted Mini-Console: