Multi Zone Daikin 2X18000 Btu in Our multi zone ductless experts are here to help you purchase a system at the best price possible. Get Daikin 2X18000 Btu Dual Zone Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner. Price: $4,299.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.


NEW Daikin MXS Multi ZoneLine

*This Package Includes:

*(1) Outdoor Unit
(4MXS)36RMVJU: 36000 Btu

(up to 17.7 SEER)

Features Include:
 & Cools (5F/14F)

∼12yr Warranty

∼Heats & Cools∼
(up to 17.7 SEER)

*(2) Indoor Units (FTXS)18LVJU: 18000 BTU

(Upgrades Available)(Remotes Included)

Please do not exceed the allowed indoor combinations-
Allowed Indoor Combinations


*You Can “UPGRADE” the Outdoor Unit*
Option Below
(Click for Specs)

*Enhanced Capacity
*Cold Climate Optimized
∼Heats & Cools∼
(up to 21.7 SEER)
(Optional Upgrade)(5MXS)48TVJU
∼Heats & Cools∼
*No Branch Boxes Needed
(up to 20.2 SEER)
(Optional Upgrade)

*With This Package 
“CUSTOMIZE” the default indoor units with different series and types of indoor units like: FTXS Series Wall MountsCTXG EMURA Wall Mount, FFQ Ceiling Cassette’s, FDXS/CDXS/FDMQ Slim Hidden Ducted, FVXS Floor Mount
                                                                                            (Click For More Info/Specs):

FTXS Wall Mount

*Intelligent Eye
*3D Air Flow
*Weekly Timer
*Wireless Remote Included
FTXR Emura Wall Mount
(W)= White (S)= Silver
*Intelligent Eye
*3D Air Flow
*Weekly Timer
*Wireless Remote Included
FVXS Floor Mount

*Econo/Powerful Mode
*Program Dry Function
*Wireless Remote Included
CDXS Low Static Ducted

*Econo/Powerful Mode
*Program Dry Function
*Wireless Remote Included
FDMQ Mid Static Ducted

*Longer Duct Runs
*Powerful/Dry Function
*Wired Thermostat Included
FFQ Ceiling Cassette

*Award Winnin Design
*Program Dry Function
*Wireless Remote
& Grill Included

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Daikin’s Multi-Split Systems are ideal for multi-room applications desiring individual room comfort in a space-saving design. With the ability to connect two, three, or four indoor units to a single outdoor unit, over 1,000 combinations are possible with the choice of wall mount units, slim duct units, ceiling cassette units or a combination. Suitable for both new build and renovation projects, Daikin Multi-Split Systems are the smart, reliable solution for your home. Daikin Aurora Multi-Zone systems offer enhanced capacity in cold ambient conditions.

FTXS is a feature-packed, intelligent wall mounted system that includes intelligent eye for energy savings and horizontal auto swing outlet fins for 3-D airflow comfort.

Daikin Emura™ was designed to perfectly balance technological leadership and the beauty of aerodynamics. The next generation of home air conditioning is here, offering smart technology within a sleek, curved silhouette. Daikin Emura™ air conditioners are designed to satisfy a uniquely “Designer” sense of style. Offering a sophisticated solution for contemporary interiors, the new Daikin Emura™ combines form and functionality to create an icon of contemporary climate control. Available in silver or pure matte white, Daikin Emura™ makes a modern design statement on any wall. Inside the understated exterior is a highly intelligent system, which can be controlled remotely via the Daikin Comfort Control App even away from the home.

Floor mounted units are simple to install and can be setup in various configurations, on the floor or hanging low on a wall. Its low height enables the unit to fit beneath a window. The airflow distribution pattern of Daikins floor mounted unit is ideal for heating a space, and is a perfect replacement to traditional radiant systems.

A slim-ducted concealed ceiling unit provides an extremely unobtrusive, compact solution, where only the discharge and intake grilles are visible. In addition, they free up floor and wall space to minimize the impact on décor.

The FDMQ ducted concealed indoor unit provides external static pressure capabilities of up to .6, allowing for longer duct runs and easy implementation of high MERV filters. This ducted unit on a multi-zone system delivers heating and cooling comfort for the entire home, without distracting from décor. With up to 20.2 SEER level, FDMQ ducted concealed indoor unit is ENERGY STAR® Certified.

VISTA™ is a remarkable blend of iconic design and engineering excellence with an elegant white or a silver and white finish. Fitting within the ceiling grid and discreetly mounted to the ceiling itself, VISTA™ is stylish, low profile, and compact. High efficiency and comfort is delivered through the combined use of floor and presence sensors (optional). It is also possible to close individual louvers via the wired remote control for personalized comfort.

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