Multi Zone 2 Rooms in Multi-zone Mini Split Air Conditioners allow you to enjoy ideal levels of comfort in the rooms you use most. Get DIY 2 Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 22 SEER Perfect Aire. Price: $2,349.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.


*This Perfect Aire DIY 2 Zone Mini Split Includes:

*(1) 2 Zone DIY Outdoor Unit
(2) DIY Indoor Units (w/Remotes and Wifi)
 *(2) 15′ Install DIY Kits (Copper & Wires)

Features Include:

• Inverter compressor for quieter more  efficient operation
• Golden-fin anti-corrosive coating
• Condenser auto-defrost
• Auto-restart if power has  been interrupted
• Leak detection monitoring
• Compressor/base pan heater for extreme cold
• Cool, Heat, Dry, and Fan modes
• 7 fan speeds 
• Timer and Sleep mode 
• Reusable, washable filter 
• Wireless app & smart home control

Install Manual 
Remote Manual 
Smart Wifi Manual 
Service Manual 

*If you Upgrade ANY Zone, the Outdoor Compressor may also need to be Upgraded.

Allowed Indoor Combinations

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Mini-splits are the most energy efficient alternative to window or portable air conditioners, and are easier to install than traditional central air conditioning units that require ductwork. The self contained system is perfect for home additions, garages, sun rooms, or any space that would benefit from supplemental cooling and heating. However, standard mini-split systems require an experienced HVAC professional to handle refrigerant and flared connections that are notorious for leaking. Enter the Quick Connect. Perfect Aire Quick Connect mini splits were specifically developed  to simplify the installation process,  and eliminate the need to flare and  vacuum refrigerant lines. Although designed with the experienced DIY-er in mind, even seasoned professionals can benefit from Quick Connects by drastically shortening your installation time. Quick Connect systems use a pre-vacuumed and charged line set that connects with mechanical connections instead of a standard  flare connection. This connection prevents refrigerant leaks that are 
common with flared connections.  The pre-charged line sets also  eliminate the need to vacuum and charge the refrigerant on-site.  Perfect Aire Quick Connect systems  also include a pre-wired indoor head  that simply plugs into the outdoor  condenser, alleviating cross-wiring issues. Just connect the indoor unit  and outdoor condenser, and you’re  ready to go!

Pros of Using DIY UnitsCons of Using DIY Units
NO HVAC Contractor NeededHigher Cost Compared to Regular Units
Easy to Install, as long as you read & follow directionsMany problems, if you dont follow directions
Best for people with technical experienceNOT for people with no technical experience
Includes the components you need for a basic installDoesnt include everything you need for a full install
DIY troubleshoot if something goes wrong, they dont just replace a unit if you have a problem.
Have to DIY replacement parts (IE:PCB, Motors, etc)
Limit on copper line length, have to use the kits provided
Limited on indoor sizes, and only wall mount indoor units
No way to know if there are leaks in the coils
If there is a leak, you have to hire a HVAC tech to re-fill
Most people do not have the all the tools needed
Building Departments will not issue permits for DIY