AirCon Multi Zone 4 Rooms in

Get AirCon 4 Zone 21 SEER Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner.

The following items are included :
(4) Indoor Units with Remotes (9000 BTU A(B/M)XE Wall Mounts)
(1) Outdoor Unit (36000Btu Dual Zone 21 SEER)
Heats & Cools (-13F/14F)
Factory Warranty:
7Yr Compressor/5Yr Parts

Price: $3,430.99 ex. tax

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*The following items are included :*(4) Indoor Units with Remotes (9000 BTU A(B/M)XE Wall Mounts)

*(1) Outdoor Unit (36000Btu Dual Zone 21 SEER)
Heats & Cools (-13F/14F)


Super Efficient Inverter Compressor (20+ SEER)
*Gold Plated Coils
AHRI Certified
2 Way Draining (Wall Mount)
LED Dimmer & Display Panel
Back Lighting Remote Control
PTC Belt Heater (Outdoor Unit)
Louver Position Memory
Quiet Mode
24hr Timer
Auto Clean
Intelligent Auto Defrost
Cold Air Prevention
(when in heat mode, it will pre-heat before starting)
Self Diagnosis
Auto Restart
Lock Function (on remote)
7 Indoor Fan Speeds

Factory Warranty:

7Yr Compressor/5Yr Parts


* You can UPGRADE your Outdoor Unit to one of the following:
Quint (5) Zone 42,000btu, Allows Indoor Combinations up to 48,000btu

*Please do not exceed your outdoor units maximum allowed indoor combinations. 
Maximum Allowed Indoor Combinations (18-36K)
Maximum Allowed Indoor Combinations (42K)

*You Can Also UPGRADE your Indoor units, both in size and type:
Ceiling Cassette’sSlim Ducted

*The Ducted come with a wired thermostat*
*Wall Mounts and Cassettes have a remote control. 
(Click The Images below For Info)

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Product Description

Inverter Technology
» Uses an advanced control method that allows power to adjust in wide ranges, therefore saving you money.

Heating Capability
» Our multi splits are heat pumps, which allows for both heating and cooling.

Mix and Match
» Install 2-5 air handlers into a single condenser!

Model Numbers & Technical Info