Get TCL 9000 BTU 23.5 SEER Mini Split Hyper Heat Pump AC.

What Included:
(1) Wall Mount Indoor Unit : with Remote & Wifi
(1) HYPER -13F Outdoor Unit: with 15′ Install Kit
(1) Factory Warranty

PRICE: $679.99 ex. tax

TCL Mini Split Hyper Heat Pump AC

*This ENERGY STAR TCL Mini Split Package Includes:

*(1) Wall Mount Indoor Unit : with Remote & Wifi
*(1) HYPER -13F Outdoor Unit: with 15′ Install Kit

TCL Features Include:

• Independant Dehumidification • 24Hr Timer •  Modes: Turbo, Auto, Sleep, Eco • Display ON/OFF • UP-Down and Left Right Auto Swing • Emergency Button • Anti-Cold Wind (PRE-HEAT) • Auto Restart • Refrigerant leak detection • Self Troubleshooting • C/F Switch • Louver Position Memory • Top Filter (easy clean) • Fire-Proof Electrical Box • Small Louver-Closing Gap • One Press Detach • Quick Service (PCB) • High Temp Sterilization • Installation Supports • Follow Me Function (uses remotes sensor) • Healthy Filter • 46F Heating Setback • WIFI Control (TCL Home App) * 5Yr Parts Warranty

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Series Specifications
Outdoor Features Include:
˜Heats & Cools (-13F/5F)˜ 
OUTDOOR STANDARD FEATURES: • Variable Speed (Inverter) • Factory installed Base Pan Heater /PTC Heater • Low Voltage Controls • Auto-Restart function • Condenser High Temp Protection  • Anti-corrosive Gold fin coating • Refrigerant leak detection •  Self Troubleshooting •Auto Defrost (Intelligent & Forced) • Low Temp Heating & Cooling • 7Yr Compressor Warranty

Extra Low Temperature Heating
For when its cold outside, the heat output for this system will operate down to -13° F , making this a primary heat source and eliminating the need for a backup heat source.Stepless Frequency Adjustment
Precise control of the system maintains stable and constant room temperature while reducing sound level and saving energy.
(1) Factory Warranty

(*Terms apply)
TCL Warranty/Support: 877-854-0176

T-Pro Series Popular Features

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