Best Central Air Conditioning Units in Fresno – What Are the Different Methods for Ductwork Installation?

There are different methods of ductwork installation driven by the types of heating/cooling plants in homes as well as by design layouts. Ductwork designs are extended plenum, radiant piping or a combination of these. Some run through a ceiling instead of an attic, and others run through a crawlspace or basement, but all designs have their base in the furnace placement. 

Best Central Air Conditioning Units 2014 in Fresno – Ductwork Installation.

Many localities have energy-efficiency codes, and ductwork installations must meet these standards. Newer duct materials have changed some methods, and experimental prototypes for hot/humid climate home construction have led to further innovations from the old tried-and-true ductwork installation plans.

Best Air Conditioning Units in Fresno – Gas Air Furnaces.

The ductwork installations for gas air furnaces are specific to safety concerns when using gas. For safety, all components and fittings of ductwork for a gas air furnace system must meet performance temperature ratings, as well as smoke development and flame spreading ratings. Some residences and light commercial buildings have ductwork installation designs with the ductwork on the outside of the building. Inside installations need only insulation wraps, but outside installations need water-resistant sealant and weather protectant applied as well.

Best Air Conditioners in Fresno – Electrical Central Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems.

There are standards for the installation of electrical central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These ductwork installations must have no leaks and a balance between the supply air and the return air. There should be no loss of airflow velocity because of crimping, improper sizing or bends too closely set to extended plenums.