Heat Pump Air Conditioning System in San Jose – How Do I Choose the Best Central Heating Thermostat?

There are many different types of thermostats available for home central air and heating (HVAC) systems. Each type of central heating thermostat performs the same basic function: regulating the inside temperature of the home. Optional functions vary by thermostat model and include the ability to program different temperatures for different times, control over multiple heating and cooling systems, and remote access to thermostat controls. To choose the best thermostat for your needs, consider which optional features you will be most likely to use.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning not Cooling in San Jose – Central Heating Thermostat.

A basic central heating thermostat is best for households that want to maintain a constant temperature in the home at all times. These units allow you to adjust the temperature and turn the central heating system on and off. Some models feature digital displays with buttons to adjust the temperature setting, while others use simple dial or slider controls.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning in San Jose – HVAC Thermostat.

If there are times when no one is in your home, a central heating thermostat that you can program by the hour may be your best choice. With this type of HVAC thermostat, you can program a lower temperature setting for the times when the house will be empty, which can save money on your monthly electric bill. Program the thermostat to return to your preferred temperature about an hour before you return so that the house is warmed back up without a wait. 

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Troubleshooting in San Jose – Settings.

You may program these thermostats by the day or for up to seven days at a time. Various models allow you to choose between options such as setting different temperatures seven days in a row; setting different temperatures for weekdays and weekends; and setting different temperatures for Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.