Heat Pump Home Depo in Long Beach – What Are the Different Methods for Ductwork Installation?

There are different methods of ductwork installation driven by the types of heating/cooling plants in homes as well as by design layouts. Ductwork designs are extended plenum, radiant piping or a combination of these. Some run through a ceiling instead of an attic, and others run through a crawlspace or basement, but all designs have their base in the furnace placement. 

Heat Pump Air Conditioner Cost in Long Beach – Ductwork Installation.

Many localities have energy-efficiency codes, and ductwork installations must meet these standards. Newer duct materials have changed some methods, and experimental prototypes for hot/humid climate home construction have led to further innovations from the old tried-and-true ductwork installation plans.

Heat Pump Air Conditioner in Long Beach – Humid Climates.

Additionally, there is semi-rigid flex piping that can be run individually to each room, and there are claims that it diffuses noise pollution in the home. Further, these semi-rigid pipes have been tested and proven to deliver better air quality over time, extracting damp air in humid climates and not allowing dust to settle and trap mold.

Window Heat Pump Air Conditioner in Long Beach – A Newer Type of Ductwork Installation Design.

A newer type of ductwork installation design has been tested and found to be a considerable improvement over any other ductwork installation design for use in humid and hot climates. Making use of specific calculations, these designs make use of running ductwork in the interior of the home under the ceiling plane at a much lower cost and produce zero-energy homes. There can be no duct leakage to the outside, and conducive gains/losses are eliminated because there is no heat buildup in an attic for the ductwork to have to deal with, so the set point temperatures remain nearly constant in the ducts. These designs also make use of transoms in each room to promote good airflow to returns.