Standard Wall Bracket for Outdoor Units in You can find some of the best deals online. Get Standard Wall Bracket for Mini Split Outdoor Units. Price: $69.99 ex. tax. Call us 877-770-3548 or visit our website.


Standard 2Pc Outdoor Mounting Bracket
(9K, 12k, 18k, & 24K Units Only)

This 2pc Outdoor Mounting Bracketis an effective way to mount your typical outdoor unit to the wall, keeping it off the ground and increasing air curculation.

Since these brackets lift the unit, it allows a closer installation to the wall. If mini splits are installed on pads, they need to be 12” from the wall- using a bracket gets it as close as 6” to the wall. 

*The 2 brackets need to be spaced perfectly to line up with the holes in the feet of your outdoor unit.

*Consider our 3pc Deluxe Bracket for easier installation and allows for larger sizes.
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