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Introducing the latest technology in air-conditioner/heat-pump control

The Pebble Wi-Fi controller bridges the gap between the rapidly developing smartphone industry and the residential heating and cooling industry. The Pebble Wi-Fi controller uses patented technology, which allows for a secure connection to your local wireless router through your smartphone.

Once securely connected to your wireless router you will be able to controller your air-con/heatpump through our smartphone app Pebble Air. All Android or iOS smartphones can download our free app from Google Play or the App Store.

Communication to your air-con/heat-pump is via three powerful infrared (iR) diodes each with a maximum emitting range of up to 50 feet. Designed for various mounting options, The Pebble Wi-Fi controller has front and also top iR emitters with an optional fourth plug in iR Pebble emitter which allows for an even more flexible and discreet solution.

The Pebble Wi-Fi controller has an in-built temperature sensor which allows for real time readings at your home or office. If you need to turn on your air-conditioner/heat-pump, change its mode, adjust the set temperature, fan speed or even set up or change a schedule, its right at your finger tips.

Cloud based, The Pebble Wi-Fi controller has the flexibility to keep your Pebble unit updated at all times. We have the ability to broadcast to our Pebble community adding cool stuff we currently have under development, new supplier air-conditioner/heat-pumps as they’re released and much much more.

Application areas
Residential homes, apartments, holiday homes, offices, school and commercial spaces.

Key features
• Multi branded air-con/heat-pump controller.
• Wireless infrared control of your air-con/heat-pump via our smartphone app Pebble Air.
• Highly secure user friendly connection through patented technology.
• Multi user application allows all connected users real-time control and readings
• Cloud based community broadcasting allowing new updates and software pushes
• Smart timer and 7 day weekly scheduler!!!!
• External 12v power supply (supplied)
• Optional 3.5mm iR transmitter sold as an accessory
*2019 Model Now Has Humidity Sensor!

Here are a couple helpful videos on how to set up your Pebble Controller:

How to set up using the “Blink-up” feature:

How to set up the 7 day schedule feature:

For a list of compatible brands, CLICK HERE!

If you brand is not listed, or for any other questions,
comments or support please contact Pebble Air