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New Smart Wifi Control for IR Devices (Infrared)

This smart wifi device allows you to control, set schedules, make rules, voice commands (with Alexa & Google Assistant) for any IR device in the room with it. Devices like mini splits, tv’s, cable boxes, virtually any IR controlled electronic device can now be controlled by your smart phone from anywhere. With schedules and rules, you can just set it and forget it. 

This smart wifi device can learn your remote if needed, it has 80,000 built in remote codes- but by using your original remote it can learn functions for any device not already listed in its programming. 

The unique round design allows it to send signals all around the room, so installation is a breeze. Just make sure all your IR devices are less than 20′ from this wifi controller, and it should not have any issues with communicating with them. 

Device uses a mobile phone app called “Smart Life“, which is available for both IOS and Android. 

Easy To Install
Easy to Operate
(Daily, Weekly)
Learns Remote Codes
Voice Control using IFTT
USB Charging Cord Included

App Displays Set Temperature in Celcius 
(Until the app is updated)
Does Not Have Sensor 
(Doesnt Display Room Temp/Humidity)
USB Wall Charger Not Included