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Daikin AZAI6WSCDKB is a WiFi interface adapter that will allow for wireless connectivity of your indoor unit to your phone or tablet. An adapter is required for each indoor unit you want to control, however, the app allows you to control a single unit, a group of units or an entire system (as long as each unit has an adapter). The DKN Residential Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor is compatible with all Daikin indoor unit models that communicate with the S21 protocol. The DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor is also backward compatible with previous S21 indoor unit models.

Daikin AZAI6WSCDKB provides remote control and monitoring of S21 indoor units’ ON/OFF, mode, set-point, fan speed, louver position, room temperature and error alert status from an iOS/Android smartphone. Voice control is also possible through Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa. Unlimited indoor units can be added to a single account. With multiple units you can control each one individually or as a group. Additionally, you also have access to levelled user authority options making this ideal for home use!

There are several functions available to you via the Daikin DKN Cloud:

  • Auto Mode – your system will change automatically between heating and cooling
  • Fan Mode – fan will run without heating or cooling
  • Heating Mode
  • Cooling Mode
  • Dry Mode
  • Schedule – 7 days schedule

The Wireless Interface Adapter installs easily on or inside the indoor unit and set up is quick once the app is downloaded. Registration and login are required but once complete, all connected units within your home network will be visible and controllable!

Compatible indoor units include both Daikin Single Zone and Multi-Zone Units with the following prefixes:

  • Wall Mounted – CTXS, FTK*, FTX*, FTXG, FTXR, FTXS units
  • Concealed Ducted – CDXS FDXS units
  • Floor Standing – FVXS units

*FTX/FTK**NMVJU indoor units require an additional adaptor in order to communicate with the Daikin AZAI6WSCDKB. The 9,000 and 12,000 BTU FTX and FTK**NMVJU units require the interface adaptor KRP067A41E and the 15,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTU FTX/FTK**NMVJU units require interface adaptor KRP980B2E. These interface adaptors need to be installed and connected between the indoor unit and the translation adaptor giving them the S21 connector required to operate.